Dr. Saidapet Sridhar DDS

Dr. Saidapet Sridhar, DDS Examines Changes Dentists Have Implemented in Response to COVID-19

Dr. Saidapet Sridhar, DDS is a NY-based dentist with years of experience in the space. His dental career began with a bachelor’s in dental surgery in 1994. He worked in private practices and hospitals in India before eventually moving to the U.S to complete his DDS at NYU in 2001. His area of specialization is diagnosing and treating sources of oral pain such as traumatic dental injuries and cracked and fractured teeth. Dr. Saidapet Sridhar, DDS focuses on endodontic treatment and root canal therapy, which emphasizes utilizing dental procedures on the root of the teeth. In addition to his work in dentistry, Dr. Saidapet Sridhar, DDS is known for facilitating outreach programs both in India and the US and remained an active part of the dental community by presenting seminars from 2005 to 2010.

As an expert in the dentistry space, Dr. Saidapet Sridhar, DDS has seen many changes and adaptions made over time as new practices are implemented and the old are continuously improved upon. In the current landscape of the COVID-19 health crisis, dentistry is one of the many industries that has had to make adaptions for the safety of both its professionals and patients. While there have always been precautions in place to ensure the health of all involved, new strategies to assuage patient concerns with having their procedures done and to drastically reduce the risk of virus transmission during visits have been implemented on a national scale.

One precaution Dr. Saidapet Sridhar, DDS notes dentist offices across the country are taking is changing certain aspects of staff and patient interaction. For example, dentist offices are eliminating the use of waiting rooms. Dentists are using a “look, don’t touch” approach to patients and are reducing the risk of person to person transmission by having masked patients enter one at a time while keeping waiting rooms empty and devoid of refreshments or typical entertainment sources such as magazines. Front desks are largely fitted with barriers for staff’s added protection. Some offices are largely eliminating the need for front desk workers to interact with patients at all by having patients pay via online portals before entering the office. In addition to these precautions, patients are also subject to temperature checks, blood oxygen level tests via pulse oximeter, and have forms meant to assess their wellness. Because patients are entering one at a time and often exit through spaces that are not the front office space, it is exceedingly rare that they encounter other patients. These changes have been painstakingly implemented across the country and have been immensely successful for reducing any risks involved with receiving care.

Dr. Saidapet Sridhar, DDS acknowledges that changing the way in which the office and its patients interact is not the only observable change in the landscape of dentistry. The tools dentists use has changed with safety precautions in mind as well. Many offices have invested in a Pure eVac system that reduces ambient aerosols in the office by as much as 90% and use this tool in conjunction with suctioning devices that are designed to reduce aerosols as well. Air purification systems implemented by dentist offices help purify the office space and remove remaining aerosols. Dentistry already necessitated the use a lot of PPE to switch between patients and remain sanitary, but the pandemic has led to a sharp increase in the level of PPE needed for staff. Many are wearing face shields in addition to their masks, increased protection for their bodies, and are changing PPE even more religiously. Of course, this comes at an added cost to offices, but it is certainly worth it in the interest of patient and staff health.

Experts would be hard pressed to find another time where so many institutions have needed to make adaptions to their core processes as quickly as during the COVID-19 health crisis. Dr. Saidapet Sridhar is proud of the resiliency that the dental field has shown thus far and the commitment it has shown to patients and staff safety. He hopes that this site will be an adequate resource for those interested in dentistry and will include updates such as the processes used by dentists and tips for continued dental health both during COVID-19 and beyond.